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You Deserve an Evidence-Based Philosophy.

You Deserve an Evidence-Based Philosophy.

We are not a grocery store, and don't have something for everyone. Peltoma has only one investment philosophy. Decisions are driven entirely with evidence, research, and humility — not emotions nor speculation.

Portfolios are designed to focus on maximizing diversification, low fees, and limiting tax friction. In doing so, we lean on empirical insights to provide more reliable investor outcomes as we plan your future together.

But it's not enough. Our communication, willingness, and ability to distill complex ideas behind portfolio design and implementation is unique in the industry. We want you to be aligned, not confused.

We can't claim that investors will never be disappointed by investment returns, but they should never be surprised by investment returns. Markets are incredibly accommodating to disciplined investors over time. Rather than taking outsized bets, we set proper expectations with you about risk and expected reward, all with a transparent and systematic approach.

You Deserve Radical Candor.

Families don't hire Peltoma to say the right things. They hire us to improve their expected outcomes.

The markets are noisy, and so a client's investments, financial plan, and tax-strategies must thoughtfully integrate to effectively engineer success.

You're hiring us both as an architect and artist for your family — to design and harmonize the various factors of your financial life.

It's our job to align with clients about defining success, assessing probabilities and implementing strategies to improve them, and ensuring that clients live nourishing and purposeful lives.

You Deserve the Right Expertise.

You Deserve the Right Expertise.

The Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation is considered the highest mark in finance. It consists of three rigorous tests over the course of multiple years — covering ethics, investments, financial planning, and tax content.

It's estimated that only 1 in 5 people who start the CFA process eventually earn the charter.

Rubin was previously a senior leader at Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA), which is home to individuals like Nobel Prize Winners Bob Merton and Gene Fama. A rigorous, academic-based approach to investing is in our DNA.

Following DFA, Rubin was a Partner, Senior Financial Advisor & Chief Investment Officer at Perspective Wealth Partners, overseeing over $500M in assets. He left to launch Peltoma Capital Partners in 2023. 

You Deserve Transparency.

Peltoma is a fee-only RIA. We do not take commissions and are not perversely compensated to put you into any specific funds or strategies.

The focus is on you. The fiduciary duty is to you. 

Many investors forget to think about costs. We strongly believe you should know what you are paying, and what you're paying it for.

You Deserve an Integrated Approach.

You Deserve an Integrated Approach.

Financial advisor fees are not justified by simply managing people's money. Advisors must have a more compelling value proposition that integrates additional components of clients' lives.

Peltoma has a three-pillared value proposition: investments, financial planning, and tax-strategy. We work with a professional team of accountants to also prepare taxes for clients who are interested.

You Deserve Fair Fees.

Peltoma offers multiple, client-friendly options for advisory fees, including the option for a flat fee. Clients should feel they receive tremendous value for our fee, and that it's commensurate with your long-term outcomes.

You Deserve to be an Investor (no matter who you are).

Despite extensive expertise in serving the needs of wealthy people, it's our intention to build a longer table, not set up barriers to entry. Giving time to others, even if not financially profitable to the firm, is a critical ethos of who we are.

We have a "30 minutes for anyone" policy — if someone is referred to the firm but doesn't want to be a client, or wouldn't be a good fit, we will still try try to leave them in a better place than before we met.

We care about wealth inequality. Economic opportunity is delivered unevenly and we do our best to not perpetuate that. Because not everyone is a great candidate to pay for financial advice, we do our best in our own community, and the community of our clients, to give back.

Please do not refer to us as a wealth management firm. We are a wealth management and wealth creation firm, and do not want anyone to be deterred from reaching out for help. 

We are proud to operate this way, and a great client for us is someone who aligns with this approach to business and life. If that isn't you...no problem, but we probably aren't a great fit.

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