Rachael Levine

Rachael Levine

Partner, Senior Financial Advisor

Rachael is a Partner and Senior Financial Advisor at Peltoma Capital Partners. She lives in Austin, TX with her husband, Alex, and their Australian Shepherd, Dax. With over a decade of financial experience, Rachael is passionate about leveraging financial planning to help people reclaim life’s most valuable asset—time—and using it to construct lives of meaning, happiness, and fulfillment.

Before finding her niche at Peltoma, Rachael honed her investment expertise as a Regional Director at Dimensional Fund Advisors. In that role, she consulted to many of the nation’s leading financial advisory firms on the latest research on asset allocation and evidence-based investing principles.

An avid traveler, Rachael is passionate about empowering others to experience the world more deeply. Having ventured through 36 countries (and counting), she champions the myriad benefits of sabbaticals, remote work experiences, and long term travel opportunities.

Rachael graduated magna cum laude from The University of Texas at Austin, earning a BS in Finance.

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