How We Serve

Investment Management

  • While one investment philosophy fits all, one portfolio model cannot.
  • Evidence-based design and implementation of a bespoke investment strategy across all of your family's accounts.
  • Ensuring clients are leveraging the various tax and employer benefits of investment accounts available to them.
  • Systematic rebalancing.
  • Strategic tax-loss harvesting.
  • Ensuring any necessary distributions (e.g. RMD’s) are taken in a tax-efficient manner.


  • Planning is not a one-time action, but rather is iterative, and we update plans with clients at least once a year and around any major life events (e.g. new job, divorce, retirement, etc…).  
  • We use Right Capital, a professional financial planning software.
  • Peltoma’s job is to communicate the outputs at a level clients can understand, and set appropriate expectations through this journey together.

Tax Strategy & Preparation

  • Many investors find various investment accounts confusing (e.g. 401K, Roth IRA, HSA, 529, etc…). We engineer a thoughtful system that leverages your unique available benefits to minimize taxes.
  • Peltoma works with a professional tax preparation team for the many clients who wish to integrate tax preparation with our service.
  • Investors should never separate the relationship between effective planning, investing, and taxes – and so for clients who choose to use their own CPA for tax preparation, we engage with those tax professionals when beneficial to client outcomes.


Investors need to know what they are paying, both to advisors and to the funds that an advisor may select for clients.

This is an industry clouded with gray areas and opacity. Fees are a critical input to your expected outcomes, and we make ours transparent and fair to both your family and our firm.

To serve dynamic needs of clients, our firm offers both a traditional asset-based fee schedule, as well as the ability to serve you for a flat fee each year. 

What to expect in our first conversation

No slides. No sales spiels. Together, we want to discover if Peltoma is potentially a good fit for you, and if you're potentially a good fit for us.

It's our intention that if we're not a good fit for you, or if you want recommendations of other advisors, that we can provide informed referrals from getting to know you a bit.

We've found that asking just these simple questions are a great roadmap to our first conversation:

  • What’s happening in your life that has led us to have this exploratory conversation?
  • Can you tell me about you and your family, and what you find nourishing in life?
  • What questions do you have for me? 
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Expertise in reflecting social preferences within client portolios.

Our Process

We have extensive experience in designing strategies focused on addressing social issues, like climate change. There are multiple philosophies around the best way to accomplish this, and we proactively share these various ideas with clients to determine if there are belief systems you hold that we can express through your investment choices.

Our History

Our Chief Investment Officer has similarly designed portfolio strategies focused on overweighting companies and countries that are friendly to the LGBTQ+ community, and reducing/eliminating exposure to those that are not.

There is no perfect answer, and it's important to discuss with us what social preferences you may want to express in your investments, if any at all. Our job is to deliver reliable investment outcomes while honoring your preferences.

Peltoma will not design portfolios that are anti-LGBTQ+, anti-woman, racist, or xenophobic.

Our Values

In accomplishing these goals on behalf of clients, Peltoma has engaged directly with companies like DFA, Avantis, Engine #1, and Freedom Funds. Our extensive network within the industry has supported our ability to design around client's unique social and sustainability preferences.

We would be excited to discuss this opportunity with your family.

For more information about our firm and the services we offer, send us a quick email or call the office. We would welcome the opportunity to speak with you. | 937-416-5966