Ease, Comfort, & Time

Our Primary Purpose

The firm's name honors our favorite story about money and purpose. Peltoma is a lake and region where the Mi'kmaq tribe still live.

In 1608, as the wealthy and "enlightened" French washed ashore in Canada, Father Pierre Biard was assigned to evangelize the Mi'kmaq, who lived simply and appreciated life's basic pleasures.

The humble Mi'kmaq's timeless comments to these fancy Frenchmen are recited in the book, The Dawn of Everything:

You are always fighting and quarrelling among yourselves; we live peaceably. You are envious and are all the time slandering each other; you are thieves and deceivers; you are covetous, and are neither generous nor kind; as for us, if we have a morsel of bread we share it with our neighbor.

What seemed to irritate Biard the most was the Mi'kmaq would constantly assert that they were, as a result, 'richer' than the French.

The French had more material possessions, the Mi'kmaq conceded; but they had other, greater assets: ease, comfort, and time.

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